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Shoe and leather goods production

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Cooling system for shoes and boots, Model 712
Casing of pressed steel-sheet, with a 20 mm insulating layer. Conveyor belt made of needled felt, all-round cooling of shoes. Timer to adjust the necessary speed. At the end of the belt is a photo-electric cell. Vaporizer with cooling unit. The cooling agent used in the system is R 404A , according to the respective safety regulation. Deliverable alternatively with or without automatic defrost. The control box with operating elements is in the upper part on top of the tunnel exit.
Capacity: approx. 1800 pairs/8 hours given a 3,5 min. traverse through the cooling zone.

Total length 3400 mm
Total width 1200 mm
Total height 1850 mm
Weight, approx   700 kg
Working height, approx 1000 mm
Length of tunnel 1600 mm
Width of belt   600 mm
Connected load 7,5 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz

We reserve the right of alterations


  Dryer Model 711
The dryer model 711 is laid out for drying cemented shoes and corresponding soles.
The drying time is extremely short, between 15 and 90 seconds.
Basic construction with steel sheet panels. In the lower part is a chain drive with
attachments for sponge covered deposits for transportation of shoes on lasts and corresponding soles. In the upper part are 2 separate lines with reflector lamps, in running direction right are the soles, left the shoes on lasts. The upper part includes a fan with exits to the left and to the right.
The control box with operating elements is in the upper part on top of the tunnel exit.
The dryer is on a mobile base.
Total length 2590 mm
Total width 1175 mm
Total height 1860 mm
Height without fan approx. 1480 mm
Working height approx.  850 mm
Length of tunnel 1200 mm
Weight approx  650 kg
Connected load 16,6 kW, 400 V, 50 Hz


Latest design, for stabilization of shoes.
Inside made of stainless steel. Two separate zones for hot air or steam. Steam generator with automatic water feed.
Feed in cycles, adjustable via timer. Optimum duration of throughput 3,5 min.
The result of a 3,5-minutes-throughput compares to 48 hours on the last (respective tests have been done by research institutes).
At the tunnel exit is a cold air blower to cool off the shoes which exit onto a roller conveyor.
Length 2800 mm, without roller conveyor
3400 mm, with roller conveyor
Width 1060 mm
Height 1700 mm
Weight approx. 500 kg
Electric supply 17.0 kW, 400 V, 50 cycles

We reserve the right of alterations


Further examples of our product line:

  • Activators (e.g. model 1090, 1091, 1065)

  • Conditioners (e.g. model 952 D)

  • Halogenation units (e.g. model 1019, 1019.1, 1019.3)

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  • Storing equipment for various purpose (e.g. for dies, model 944)

Conveyor for making room
Conveyor for making room
Closing room conveyor
Closing room conveyor